5 Beautiful Hikes To Explore In Hawaii

5 Beautiful Yet Moderate Challenging Hikes to Explore While In Hawaii Does the excitement of exploring a new place thrill you as much as it does me? Just the thought of seeing new landscapes and unfamiliar nature trails can get those butterflies buzzing around in my stomach! Then if you add the adventures and activities … Continue reading 5 Beautiful Hikes To Explore In Hawaii


Weekly Fat burning Routine

I am always looking for effective and easy techniques to stay trim and fit. Most people have such busy schedules and use excuses not to stay healthy and exercise. I am always sharing ideas with my friends and family about these great short exercise and fat burning video clips. I use them many days when … Continue reading Weekly Fat burning Routine

My Odyssey Into The Aches & Canyonlands Of Utah

My Odyssey Into The Aches and Canyonlands, Utah The Ultimate #Roadtrip Escape with me as I take you on my journey into Utah and our drive from Texas through New Mexico, Colorado, and into Utah to reach this remarkable national park; the Arches and Canyonlands. After a life changing event last year, my husband wanted … Continue reading My Odyssey Into The Aches & Canyonlands Of Utah

4 Great Local Hiking Trails San Diego

4 Great local weekend hiking trails in San Diego If you are lucky enough to live in the Southern California area, you have an over abundance of mountains and hiking trails to fill your days every weekend all year long. If you are on travel or a visitor, then you are in for an adventurous … Continue reading 4 Great Local Hiking Trails San Diego

The Hawaiian Islands: Uncovered

Rabbit Island THE STATE OF HAWAII By MFD, Hawaii resident Hawaii is the fiftieth state of the United States. It is also our youngest state, having joined the Union in 1959. Hawaii had been annexed by the United States in 1898 as their territory. Hawaii is very unique because it is made up of eight … Continue reading The Hawaiian Islands: Uncovered